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The use of container corners

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In general, any force on the box body is almost transmitted through the corner of the container. As the outer edge of the box, the corner piece still plays the role of protecting the whole box. If the corner piece is damaged or broken, I'm afraid the container will have no place to be used.

Container Angle of the top hole, the top hole is used for lifting of sling turn lock and other handling machinery accessories dedicated box frame, on the ship to work overtime or yard box at the top of pile of square box between union card, can also act as a box on the heap, continues the role of double turn lock between the lower box, bottom hole and the top hole, bottom hole in addition to the box on the heap, the lower the double to undertake between, also can rise to the ship to work overtime or on the vehicle turn locking box, the effect of side hole is used for securing the homework of box, the function of side hole is bigger, the role of it in addition to the above, can also be used for the lifting of base Angle of the homework. In fact, some people say that the essence of container lies in the corner piece. Without corner piece, it is difficult to operate. The lifting, handling, fixation and stacking of container is the contribution of the corner piece of container, which provides certain conditions for the automatic operation of container.

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