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What should be paid attention to when using container module house

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In modern buildings, temporary houses, factories, schools in remote areas, tourist hotels, construction quarters, exhibition halls and other places may use container corner module houses. Professional container module houses are generally made of steel or iron, easy to be installed and dismantled, diversified in color and rich in architectural elements. Below, with the editor to understand the use of the container module housing to pay attention to what matters.

Try to stay on the ground

Nowadays, many container module houses will adopt colored steel structure for architectural aesthetics. The color steel structure is slightly lighter than the whole steel structure, and it should be firmly fixed on the ground through the bottom fixing device to prevent the storm. Generally speaking, in China's inland regions, the wind is relatively small, and the container module houses generally can withstand blows and blows. However, in coastal cities, typhoons often occur, so the container module houses should be strengthened as much as possible.

2. Pay attention to fire prevention

The fire prevention of the container module house should be done well. Second, in winter in the use of the stove in the container module house must use a certain fire protection device; Third, the inner line of containers should be laid with metal pipe or refractory pipe as far as possible, and the line should be grounded; Fourthly, it is forbidden to use combustible materials such as blowtorch in the building materials for the container corner module which needs to be waterproof.

Pay attention to multiple layers

Here referred to multilayer superposition, is more than three or more layers of superposition. For some container module houses with color steel plates, multi-layer overlays may have serious safety risks due to their low quality.

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